Experienced Professional Team

  • The company employs only experienced designers, engineers, estimators, foremen and other professionals.
  • We are not afraid to compile and run complex design projects. This is our daily business.
  • We guarantee high quality of all kinds of finishes and if we do something wrong or poor quality we will fix it at our own expense.
  • We are proud of the high technical skills of our craftsmen, the possibility of solving individual problems, and the optimal work speed.
  • Offer different payment options for your services and structure your interactions with your customers based on their terms.
  • We appreciate ergonomics, atmosphere and comfort and put a piece of our soul into our projects.

Conditions and cost of apartment renovation

The company offers the opportunity to order cosmetic, rough, major or elite design renovations of all kinds of apartments, houses and shops according to individual design projects. These are highly demanded and relevant services in the modern market, which our company has been offering for 12 years. The timing, volume and final cost of work per square meter depend on your choice.

The most difficult are the elite ones, overhauls and roughing are not very time-consuming, and the fastest and most budgetary are cosmetic. The turnkey overhaul of the 62 m2 Stalinka took 4.5 months and the finishing of his 40 m2 of the new building took 2 months. Time depends on the type of housing, the operating conditions of the apartment and its initial condition, which also seriously affects the repair time.

You can know the exact price per m2 by requesting a quote. No charge for repair work carried out by our specialists. Specialists consider everything other estimators don’t normally consider. We undertake any real estate and repair not only one- or two-room apartments, but also three- or four-room apartments, large country cottages or separate buildings, including balconies and loggias.


A standard turnkey apartment renovation in Moscow is ideal for those who need to do everything quickly or cheaply to save money. By ordering from us, you can be completely confident of the high quality of our service. Work is carried out under formal contracts with clearly defined rights and obligations. Since the cost is fixed, it does not change during cooperation, and installment payment is also possible.

Repairs are carried out according to the standards of architectural documents: GOST, SNiP, SP. This ensures that in the future you won’t have sales problems, disputes with neighbors or regulators, or have to redo anything due to non-compliance with requirements. Finally, a 5-year official warranty is provided.

Calculate using our online calculator on our website, order a quote or sign up for a free measurement and leave your contact phone number. Contact BlagoDat – we guarantee quality of service.

With us, you don’t have to look for another contractor, always come on site and personally manage the situation. We delegate these tasks to our employees. The project is led by a personal manager.

We employ designers, engineers and skilled craftsmen. The foreman deals with the purchase of building and finishing materials. Also, experienced professionals monitor the progress of the restoration process and provide step-by-step reports on the work performed.

We can refurbish from scratch according to off-the-shelf or individually developed custom design projects, or we can complete your current project. In the case of redevelopment, we will coordinate the technical documentation with the relevant authorities.

With the latest high-tech equipment, even the most complex construction and installation work can be carried out quickly.