Measured and estimated

Apartment turnkey repair

Everyone sooner or later faces the need to renovate their apartment. You may have purchased a new home or a resale home, or you may want to refresh your room and give it a new look. All apartment renovation ideas, simple or complex, require implementation. The next step is finding a repair company. The best solution is to rely on a team of experienced professionals with years of experience and a proven track record. DomProfi24 is the best combination of professionalism, guarantees, experience and service in the renovation of apartments in Moscow.

All work is done by professional professionals under the guidance of technical management. We use the most optimal payment system for our work – a tiered payment system. Payment will be made only after the client has accepted the work stage and signed the certificate of completion. Payment for work and materials can be done in any way convenient for you. We provide all the documentation you need to qualify for the new building repair deduction.

You don’t have to take time off from work with us to pick up your materials and wait all day for delivery. We will keep your works and materials according to your convenience.

Through direct contracts with manufacturers and distributors, we are able to offer a wide range of drafting and finishing materials at manufacturer prices. All consumables are provided free of charge when you purchase materials from us. Since we carry in and out materials in-house, we can shorten the time required for repair preparations.

When concluding a contract with us, the cost of work is fixed, the date of commencement of the contract and the deadline for the completion of the work are stipulated, all guarantees for the work performed are also indicated in the contract.

Own warehouse for building materials

Our specialists are happy to offer quality apartment renovation services at affordable prices for everyone. Thanks to the presence of our own warehouses for building materials and direct cooperation with manufacturing plants, our clients are guaranteed the most favorable conditions for turnkey work. , the client will approve it before shipment.

Drop shipping to your address will only begin after your invoice has been approved. We are the only ones who do not charge for the loader’s service and additional departure of the car when purchasing unused materials. Another advantage of cooperation is that we have our own shipping service. The cost of lifting materials will pleasantly surprise everyone.

Measured and estimated. Conclusion of the contract

Contact us and our measurement specialists will arrive at your address at your convenient time to make an accurate calculation of all the work performed and the planned materials. You can sign a contract immediately after the first meeting and specify the work start time. If it is not possible to visit the object, provide a miscalculated design project or complete a questionnaire and provide the layout of the apartment or house.