Major repair

Moscow apartment overhaul can be carried out both in new buildings and in secondary housing. In most cases, a complete demolition of all surfaces is carried out, except for load-bearing structures, and new partitions are erected. New electrical and plumbing wiring has been created and all internal communications have been updated. New floor screeds have been made, walls have been leveled, ceiling structures have been made, and new plumbing has been installed. In fact, a major overhaul is a complete replacement of all utilities, all existing bases for floor and wall coverings, installation of finishing floors, walls and ceilings, installation of a set of entrances and interior doors. All rooms can be furnished. What to do during an overhaul is always decided by the client. Overhaul is done from one room.


Apartment renovation involves changing the finishing materials in the room without redevelopment or replacement of communications. However, all types of work are always decided by the client himself, and all divisions of repairs into major, cosmetic or design are always conditional. Most often, during cosmetic repairs, wallpaper, floor coverings are replaced. Usually the ceiling is newly made. Replace sockets and switches with new ones and install lighting fixtures. If the client needs to change the type of lighting in the room, it is impossible to reinstall the chandelier with a simple painting of the ceiling. The ideal solution for decorative repair is to install a stretch ceiling. The canvas is installed 5 cm below the previous ceiling level and helps hide all the new electrical wiring. No additional tracking through the ceiling to run new wiring.

When dismantling old wallpaper, the layers of plaster and putty often crumble. Therefore, in most cases, the walls should be prepared for gluing. This should be taken into account when planning cosmetic repairs. Check the level and curvature of the wall to understand if such a wall suits you or if you need to adjust the level to create a 90 degree angle.

The same applies to floor coverings. After demolition, we are often waiting for a not very pleasant “surprise” in the form of a destroyed foundation.

During all demolition work, the master and foreman ensure the condition of the walls and floors. The client must decide exactly how they want the result to look and how thorough the preparation for the finish installation will be. must be coated. But with all this in mind, if the wall is not leveled – if the base of the floor is bent and cracked – the wall cannot be leveled and even if the laminate or linoleum is replaced, the foundation It is very important to realize that is not resolved. problem. If the electrical wiring is old and “faulty”, replacing the outlet will not solve this problem.

All these points should be checked with technical experts and a decision should be made in time.

Design repair

Some say that a designer’s job is to deliver “visual beauty”, but this is far from the case, and is just one step in several days of painstaking work. The designer’s main task is to create individual, ergonomic, convenient and comfortable interiors in any area. Work begins with detailed measurements of the facility in need of repair. Next, furniture layout and placement, size and function, and usability are determined. All doors should be fully open, drawers should be pulled out, and each piece of furniture should have a convenient approach. The location of plumbing fixtures, bath types, shower stalls, toilets, etc. is determined. A detailed plan of room, electrical and plumbing development is created. The type of finishing material is determined in order to properly prepare all surfaces of the room. The thickness of all new coatings is taken into account when calculating floor screeds, wall plastering, construction of new wall partitions, room finishing parameters. With a list of names and quantities, the designer creates specifications for all materials used. And the final stage is the visualization of the decisions made. Furniture drawings are drawn up – individual or standard, smaller and stylish interior details are selected. Every document created by our designers is of great importance to our technical experts who bring every idea to life. Individual supervision of the designer during the repair process is also practiced. Therefore, designer apartment renovations are considered the most expensive and stylish. But at the same time, execution and materials do not have to be expensive. It all depends on your desire! Designers embody what the client wants, but a professional look at many issues helps them avoid stylistic and technical errors.